Sepiatone Reproduction of Union Oyster House, Boston, MA
Sepiatone Reproduction of Mayflower II, Plymouth, MA
Sepiatone Reproduction of Famous Ducklings in Boston, MA.
Sepiatone Reproduction of Thomas Beaver Free Library, Danville, PA
Pewter-Sepiatone Reproduction of Danville-Riverside Bridge in Pennsylvania



Visiting the Ducklings Detail

Visiting the Ducklings

Visiting the Ducklings

Inspired by Robert McCloskey’s children’s book Make Way for Ducklings, Nancy Schon of Newton, Massachusetts, created this beautiful sculpture located in Boston’s Public Garden.  Barbara Bush was so impressed by Schon’s work; she contracted a duplicate sculpture, which is now in Moscow.

Detail from drawing

"Kenneth Conner's fine attention to detail and exquisite shading bring Boston's historical sites to life."

Coleen Pantalone, Executive Vice-Provost, Northeastern University

Print dimension is 9 1/4" x 12 1/8"
Signed and Numbered Edition of 475

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