Sepiatone Reproduction of Union Oyster House, Boston, MA
Sepiatone Reproduction of Mayflower II, Plymouth, MA
Sepiatone Reproduction of Famous Ducklings in Boston, MA.
Sepiatone Reproduction of Thomas Beaver Free Library, Danville, PA
Pewter-Sepiatone Reproduction of Danville-Riverside Bridge in Pennsylvania



Thomas Beaver Free Library Detail

Thomas Beaver Free Library

Thomas Beaver Free Library

The Thomas Beaver Free Library, designed by Charles S. Wetzel and built by Archibald G. Voris, was made possible through the generosity of Thomas Beaver in 1886.  The Library has served all of Montour County and the Borough of Riverside for more than a century.  This historic landmark has recently undergone considerable renovations but retains the beauty of the original graystone and granite exterior and the marble tiles and alcove setting interiors.

Detail from drawing

"A lovely aged brown photo? A treasure discovered in some attic trunk? With his masterful style; use of soft shading and sepia coloring- Ken's latest work becomes that treasured photo, capturing the essence of an earlier time when reading was truly a marvelous pastime."
   Jean Lillmars, Danville, Pennsylvania

Print dimension is 8 7/16" x 11 5/8"
Signed and Numbered Edition of 225

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